Hospital uniforms such as scrubs, lab coats, staff uniforms, and patient gowns are an essential part of the medical industry. At Dallas Uniform Service, we offer hospitals and medical facilities the highest quality scrubs at affordable rates. Hospitals can choose to rent or buy their scrubs for their employees. Whatever you need to run your business, we can help supply.

If you choose to rent your scrubs, we will come out on a regular basis to supply you with clean uniforms and take your old, dirty ones to be washed. This allows you to focus on your hospital, not on the cleaning of your employee’s scrubs. It is also guaranteed that the uniforms will be cleaned to satisfy all regulations and professional standards. The other option is to buy your uniforms which has its added benefits as well. Buying scrubs for your nurses and doctors puts the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining the uniforms on your employees. If you do not want a uniform service coming out every week or month to handle your uniforms, buying the scrubs and other hospital garb is the better option for you.

Managing a hospital or medical facility is a challenge; you have enough responsibilities on a daily basis to attend to. It would be nice to have one less task to worry about. Have a professional uniform service handle all your uniform needs so you can focus on more important issues. Give us a call at (214) 635-5678 to learn how a uniform service can take care of your scrubs and other hospital uniform demands.